Soul of Kerala lies in the villages, Houseboat cruise is the best way to enjoy village life and the serenity of backwaters. Day cruise is usually takes a 3-5 hours round cruise .Kerala Backwaters is a maze of water bodies stretching over 900 kilometers. One of the most appealing tourism products in Kerala, the backwaters were used traditionally as waterways to transport rice and essential goods from one place to another in kettuvallams, or the traditional rice barges, which now form the major tourist attraction and ferry tourists and visitors from one destination to another. Crusing in a slow pace through the picturesque canals of Kerala enjoying village activities in close quarters is an unforgettable experiance. During the cruise one will be able see green carpeted paddy fields,duck farming, fishing, coconut palms, toddy tapping, paddy farming etc .A walk through the lush greenery fills your mind and soul with its freshness.Cruise through narrow canals sipping a tender coconut and tasting spicy Kerala meal freshly cooked onboard cruise and conclude with a Keralan strong tea and snacks .


Rudra Houseboats – Day cruise


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