Luxury Houseboats are the most luxurious boats in our catalogue. Though on the higher end, one can rest assured of a lavish cruise on the placid backwaters. With its plush interiors, aesthetically done up designs, huge lounge and spacious rooms, a cruise in the luxury houseboat offers a getaway that is comfortable. What you are going to enjoy is the feeling of being in the midst of all the comforts, though you are disconnected from the city. The premium houseboat is best for large groups, where the guests can lazily stretch themselves watching the sun or indulge in a book or catch up with music.These houseboats are air-conditioned and have quieter engines, prerequisites for a better sleep and overnight stay. Our guests prefer it for the state-of-the art facility and immense quality.In a Premium category houseboat A/c will be operated in the bedrooms whenever requested by the client during their stay onboard. Uniformed experienced staff conversant in English mans the boat. High quality crockery and glassware are used on the boat. Wherever possible environment-friendly practices are put to use and plastics are strictly not used. Locally available palm trees, areca nut trees, bamboos and other ethnic materials are used for the boat construction. Also local communities are encouraged to actively involve themselves in this venture. The services of professional cooks are available on the boat. And the menu offered by Rainbow Cruises is excellent and exotic. Solid wastes and sewage are not directly discharged into the water, bio-chemical alternatives are provided and having sewage treatment plant of its own. Excellent reading materials can also be accessed. Genuine ” Kettuvalloms ” – meaning hulls are stitched together.

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